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The Dancer Agreement

What the dancer can expect from us

For the typical photo shoot we need to set up the gear before the shoot begins. We are professionals and use top of the line gear. There are thousands of dollars in equipment used for a shoot. After the shoot we need to pack up the gear and prepare it for the next shoot. Each member of our team puts in 4 hours to make a successful 2 hour shoot. After the shoot is complete there is still a lot of work to sort and prepare the images. The images are posted on a web site that we are paying to host the images. Making great dance images is our mission. 

We will provide the dancer with the professional quality full resolution digital images with no watermarks for personal use at no cost to them. The images can be used for social media or self promotion. 

What we expect from the dancer

We expect the dancer to be professional, to be responsive and on time. A dancer should allow for at least two hours of shooting on location. We would like the dancer to appear in costume as they would on appear on stage. We like to shoot in public places so the dancer should be comfortable shooting in that setting. This is the only thing we ask from a dancer. There is no payment expected from the dancers. The is a labor of love. We truly enjoy what we do and we love meeting the dancers and working with them. 

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