[July 20] With painfully slow and spotty internet in Cuba, the communication is hard. My Spanish is not great, but Hope is coming with us and she's fluent. No one uses Instagram there, probably because it's way to bandwidth intensive. No word on the work permits yet from the Cuban Embassy but we still have time

[June 15] We know a dancer at California Ballet who is a Cuban expat, he's introduced us to a friend of his in Havana that's a professional ballet dancer there. Hooray we have a real solid connection to ballet in Cuba, she going to work with us and help us. I never stop being amazed at how social media leads to real life friends and connections is far away places.

[May 23 2017]

Feeling better today. Still not a lot done but we've hired a guy that's helping us get the work permits we need to shoot in Cuba. That's very good. We are finding more and more contacts to Cuban Ballet, that's very good. Timmorie is an American dancer at the Cuban National Ballet School, we offered to work with her, she's interested but she has to be invited back to the Ballet next year, and that's not for sure, so cross your fingers for her and for us.

[May 10 2017]

We are planning a photography trip to Cuba in January of 2018. I'm nervous because we have absolutely nothing in place, except AirBnB. So much to do, permits, finding dancers, finding locations. It's keeping me awake at night. 

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