About the LightHeart Dance Art Photography project

This is not a photography business. Hi We're Jeff and Kay, we have a husband and wife dance photography art project. Currently we are primarily focused on dance photography, but we've had other projects in the past, like Rodeo, Portraits and landscapes. 

There is no profit motive, we are not charging the dancers for the photo session, we are not selling photographs to the dancers or anyone else.

There is an aspect of public performance, the photo sessions are typically in public spaces. On location dance photography is difficult, but it also results in the most amazing images. Great dancers are also great athletes, capturing the athleticism and beauty of the dancer is, for us the pinnacle of our photographic career. 

We really truly enjoy working with dancers and are honored that they share their talents with us. If you are a dancer passionate about your art, we are interested in discussing the possibility of a collaboration. 

Artististic Statement

Great Dance is art and great photography is art. We are trying to combine the best of dance with the best of photography 

For us, the most beautiful artistic expression we can imagine is dance photography. This is our art, our passion, our joy, we hope you enjoy it too

Personal Statements


I was born in Oregon and at the age of nine I moved to Alaska. In Alaska where I lived there were only two ways in or out…boat or plane. The population in the winter was 2000 people and in the summers it would almost double in size, when all the fisherman arrived. I spent my summers as a teen working in a salmon cannery with the Japanese packing Caviar. Those were the best summers! Living in a small town with no malls, bowling alleys, movie theaters and no internet, we learned to enjoy what was around us. Boating, hiking, fishing, snow machining, skiing, and sledding were a few of the activities we did. I also played every sport the school offered. Basketball,Volleyball,X-country running and Native youth Olympics. Not only did I get to travel all over Alaska to play sports but it also taught me great respect and discipline. I then when to UAA and played college basketball. Then….One summer a fisherman from San Diego caught my eye…Jeff.

San Diego is where we raised a family. We have two daughters that both played softball. It was never enough for me to sit in the bleachers watching. Jeff and I managed and coached about 20 different softballs teams. I understand the dedication it takes to become an elite athlete. We often take our granddaughters and daughter on our photo shoots with us. I hope for them to get inspiration from these athletes to use in their lives. I love being able to create beautiful art with my husband and all these extraordinary dance artists.


Helen Keller said, "life is a daring adventure or nothing at all". I like that philosophy, I've always been an adventurer at heart. I've always tried to look for a great adventure and then live it. 

I'm originally from San Diego but had an opportunity go to Alaska and I took it, I started working in the fishing industry and worked my way up. I had a commercial fishing boat in Alaska for 15 years, that's where I met Kay and I brought her back with me to San Diego.

I spent many years in construction, I've built everything from stone walls to skyscrapers. Building things is very creative, and I am very proud when I drive by a building that I helped create.

I have a degree in computer engineering from San Diego State University and have been working in software for the last 20 years. I've been on the front line of cell phone revolution for that entire time. I guess it only seems revolutionary if you can remember what it was like before cell phones! But if you do remember pay phones, then you know, this is a different world now. This has been a great accomplishment for me and it makes me proud to be a techie. It's a rare thing to be able to be a positive force for hundreds of millions of people.

I was very serious about mountaineering for a long time. Big stone faces and big hikes were common. I've led roped climbs in Yosemite, on Mt Whitney and lots of others. I been on top of many of the 14,000 foot peaks and walked across the Grand Canyon. There were camera killing swims in slot canyons and foolish ice field crossings. In the mountains thunder and lightning is a given, I've been sunburned, rained on, hailed on, snowed on all in the same climb. I've hung off the side of a cliff in a torrential downpour hoping not to get washed off into the oblivion. What I remember most are the moments of pure sublime bliss in gods greatest mountains. I've crisscrossed the Sierras Nevada mountains, trekking 300 miles while hiking the JMT. I was fully committed to mountaineering the way the dancers we work with are committed to dance. Now though, I'm not taking the big risks, the life on the ocean and in the mountains is behind me.

Through it all, I have always carried a camera, I have always been shooting. 

Jeff and Kay

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